Hal Hartley - Surviving desire


Jude: Eat your toast and get out.

Henry: No love is free.

Jude: What?

Henry: Freud said that.

Jude: Don't start, Henry.

Henry: I heard a fascinating statement in a movie last night.

Jude: You don't seem to be aware of the pain I'm experiencing.

Henry: Excuse me?

Jude: Forget it.

Henry: It's Biblical.

Jude: What is?

Henry: This statement. "Love does not discriminate."

Jude: I don't follow.

Henry: "And the people asked him, saying, what shall we do then?"

Jude: That's Luke.

Henry: Chapter three, verse ten.

Jude: So?

Henry: "And the apostle replies; love and cherish, unquestioningly, whoever happens to be before you. Love does not discriminate."

Jude: I'm no apostle, Henry.

Henry: Take it easy, it was just something I heard in a movie.

Jude: Listen pal, you can't just waltz in here, use my toaster and spout universal truths without qualification!

(Henry smells something.)

Henry: What's that?

Jude: What?

Henry: You smell that?

Jude: Oh yeah.

Henry: (Sniffs) She's left her fragrance here.

Jude: That's it. Get out!

Henry: What about my toast?

Jude: Get out!